Boardgames – The Field

Viewers are often implicated in the violence portrayed in Forouhar’s work. In a new series of works titled Boardgames, pawns and dice invite viewers to play games on boards made with digital drawings of figures adorned with weapons. The implication of the viewer is reiterated. R. Heidenhein

Boardgames, 2011
Series of 4 objects, mixed media, digital drawing, digital print on Photo Rag, laser cut on cardboard, wood, all 70 X 70 X 70 cm
He kills me, He kills me Not II, City Gallery of Neunkirchen, 2013gameboards_turin_2He Kills me, He Kills me Not, Verso Artecontemporanea, Turin, 2010gameboards_detail2gameboards_detail1gameboards_detail3

Template, digital drawing:

The Field, 2013
mixed media, digital drawing, digital print on foil, wood, 315X315 cm
gamefeild_rietbergm_2gamefeild_rietbergm_3gamefeild_rietbergm_4The Fascination of Persia, Rietberg Museum, Zurich, 2013gamefield_original
Template, digital drawing

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