Iranian Fall

Artistbook, 2008
Series of 19 digital drawings, all  23X16 cm

‘doc/ /M’ publication offers a platform of diffusion for art and journalism. The first issue is dedicated to the Iranian artist Parastou Forouhar. 

In her series of drawings IRANIAN FALL, Parastou Forouhar returnes once more to the subject of the political killings in Iran. The images are based on information she has gathered about the circumstances of the killings, such as the photographs of the scene of her parents murder, as well as on what she imagines the victims must have experienced. In that sense her work is very personal. Adressing the powerlessness of victims of state repression, Forouhar makes the personal tragedy universal. Eefje Blankevoortcoverif_s1if_s2if_s4if_s5

A selection of the original drawings (digital drawing):

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