Openings, back-stage photos, old works and more

Written Room 2020, Chur, with Susann Wintsch

With Karin Sachs in her Galerie in München, 2019

Paris, 2018
Watou, 2019
Aufbau der Ausstellung IM ZEICHEN DES ORNAMENTS, Künsthalle Göppingen, 2018
Artisttalk in Kunsthalle Göppingen mit Werner Meyer und Melanie Ardijah, 2018
Language is the only Homeland, Nest, Den Haag, 2018“Written Room”, Museum of Fine Art Ghent, 2017

Opening of  “Written Room” with Catherine de Zegher, director of Museum of Fine Art Ghent, 2017biennalethessaloniki_1biennalethessaloniki_2
“Written Room”, Thessaloniki Biennale, 2013writtenroom_backstage4
Starting to work on the “Written Room” for the Women Museum, Bonn, 2001bodyletter_b_backstage0bodyletter_b_backstage4bodyletter_b_backstage2
installing “Bodyletter” with Gabi Schirrmacher, Eugen Gutmann Haus, Berlin, 2008 bodyletter_b_backstage5“Body Letter”, Berlin, 2008, in collaboration with Taswir Projects and Ziya Azazielsa_backstage2elsa_backstage1elsa_backstage3
working for “Elsa’s annunciation”, Khoj Workshop, Mumbai, 2005decunstructedwrittenroom3decunstructedwrittenroom2decunstructedwrittenroom1
“Written Room” deconstructed, Gallery Morgen, Frankfurt. `Deconstructed Lyrics´ is a series of photos, shot at the demolished Gallery Morgen, in the shadow of the new European Central Bank in the East of Frankfurt am Main. The Photos are published on blink.de.
Next image shows the installation at the Gallery Morgen, 2001:
Villa Massimo, 2006opening_atp7
“Written Room”, ATP 7 opening, Queensland Art Gallery, Briesbane 2011opening_fundazionemerz
“Written Room”, Opening event, Fundazione Merz, 2011piartworks10
“Written Room”, Pi Artworks London, 2016villastuck_installation1villastuck_installation2
Villa Stuck, Munich, 2015, Installing the “Time of the Butterflies”openstudio_villamassimo1
Open Studio, Villa Massimo, 2006mahrembag1mahrembag2
Black&Pink collection, Museum’s shop, Santral Istanbul, 2007blackpink-collection3

The banned exhibition in Golestan Gallery, Teheran, 2002

From “Hair” series, in collaboration with Phyllis Kiehl, 2000thehairseries_2thehairseries_3thehairseries_kunsthallehal
“Hair”, in collaboration with Phyllis Kiehl, Kunsthalle Hall, 2000isurrender_backstage2isurrender_backstage
installing “I Surrender”, Azad Gallery, Teheran, 2009isurrender_backstage3
installing “I Surrender”, Martin-Gropious-Bau, Berlin, 2007biennaleladonna_backstage1
Veiled memories, XIV Biennale Donna, Ferrara, 2009omid_opening1omid_opening2
Press conference of the exhibition “Omid is my Name and it stands for Hope“, curated by Monireh Baradaran and Parastou Forouhar, JBS Anne Frank, Frankfurt, 2012 aiaction_frankfurt2aiaction_frankfurt3
Amnesty International event against the death penalty in Frankfurt, 2010dejavue_1dejavue_3dejavue_4dejavue_5
“Dejavue”, for the project “Unter den Bäumen” curated by Susann Wintsch, Waedenswill, 2009co_3co_1co_5co_4
Wallpainting for C/O, a project by Artist Collective “Farradhalle”, 1999dolcevita10dolcevita9dolcevita7dolcevita8dolcevita6dolcevita3dolcevita1dolcevita4
“Villa Massimo-Dolce Vita”, images from slide-show projection, 2006opening_nohomegame
Artisttalk with Jean-Christoph Ammann, Weingarten, 2012farradhalle_1
Artist Collective “Farradhalle”, Offenbach, 1995

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