Thousand and One Days – Wallpaper I-II

Upon closer inspection, the seemingly decorative effect of Forouhar’s Thousand and one days quickly transforms into a brutal nightmarish scene. Based on the artist’s imagination, readings, and authentic victim’s accounts, the  work displays a wide range of torture scenes played out by tiny, faceless individuals. Many details have been left out with the exception of the perpetrator’s weapons and method of killing. Thousand and one day was designed by the artist using digital pictograms in the style of traditional Persian miniature painting.  Her work is particularly relevant in today’s mediated society, especially in the face of the Iraq War and the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse. Maura Raily

Thousand and One Days, since 2003
Part of the multi-media project Thousand and one Days, consisting of digital drawings, wallpaper, balloon installation, flip books and animations; Marching Bands, Just a Minute

Digital drawing, digital print on blue back paper, paste
1001days_hamburgerbahnhof_21001days_hamburgerbahnhof_3Thousnad and One Days, National Gallery at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, 20131001days_blvedere_31001days_blvedere_2The Power Of Ornament, Belvedere, Vienna, 20091001days_detail11001days_detail21001day_originaldrawing

Thousand and One Days – Black&White, since 2013
Digital drawing, digitalprint on blue back paper, paste
The Pattern that unites, Kunsthalle Lingen, 20131001daysii_kunsthalelingen21001days_bw60x90_detail2

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