Letter to the Max-Planck-Institut for International Law, 01.10.2002

To Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jochen Abr. Frowein, M.C.L.
Director at the Max-Planck-Institut for Foreign Public Law and International Law
Member of the International Commission of Jurists
University of Heidelberg

Dear Professor Frowein,

Thank you very much for your letter from the 9th of September 2002 in which you informed me about the international legal options pertaining to my case. In your letter you wrote that whilst Iran has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Politics Rights, it has not approved the additional protocol that permits individual complaints.

I would like to ask you how the contextual definition of an individual complaint could be “broken”, i.e. would it be possible to file an international appeal through a complaint lodged in the name of a political party or with a petition?

As the murder of my parents and the desire for judicial review are not solely my personal concern, I am sure that many Iranians would be prepared to work towards investigating and solving the crime by lending their signature to the cause. I will be verifying this hypothesis on a two-week trip to Iran, departing on the 5th of October.

I hope that you do not feel at all inconvienced by my persistence. You have been an important and steady support to me for maintaining the progression of this crime solving process over the last few years.

Awaiting your reply, I remain yours sincerely,
Parastou Forouhar