Letter, Member of the German Parlament, 23.01.2002

Rita Grießhaber
Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, The German Parlament 

23rd January 2002, Berlin

Dear Mrs Forouhar,

Following my return from Iran, I would like to briefly let you know about events. We were given the chance to get together and talk with the various reform-orientated forces. The Iranians repeated their desire to intensify the collaborative work on economic and cultural levels. I have referred all of our interlocutors to the capricious acts of justice and the lack of legal certainty, which must be rectified before any intensification of collaboration on other levels occurs.

I have been left with an impression of political stagnation in Iran, particularly when compared to my trip with the President of the Bundestag, Thierse, in February 2001. I will once again make the question of constitutional trials and the consideration of human rights subjects of discussion for the scheduled spring visit of Karrubi, the Parliamentary President. In my view, changes in Iran can unfortunately only be expected over a long-term basis.
I assure you of my support.

Yours sincerely,
Rita Grießhaber, Member of the German Bundestag