Letter, German Federal President’s Office, 09.03.2000

German Federal President’s Office

9h March 2000, Bonn

Dear Mrs Forouhar,

Thank you very much for your letter from the 1st August 2000, in which you informed the president about the violent deaths of your parents and about your disappointment at the inadequate investigation into this case by the Iranian governmental authorities. The president has asked me to reply to you.
Your parents’ death has prompted reactions of horror and sympathy in Germany as well. The thorough investigation of these murders and penalisation of those responsible will be of great importance for the development of democracy in Iran.  

The Federal President, as well as the Federal Government, has demanded Iran in clear terms time and again to respect human rights and to institute reforms for the creation of a constitutional state. The president also put these demands forward in several discussions with President Khatami during his state visit.
As urgent and desirable as they may be, changes in Iran are not going to happen overnight. President Khatami has announced such changes. The Federal President encouraged him and showed his support for these aims. In the future, the president will also press for the implementation of human rights and a constitutional state in discussions with representatives of Iran. 

My response will do little to assuage your grief at your personal loss. It is however important to me to let you know that the president is aware of the state of affairs in Iran and is doing everything in his power to support the process of democratic reform in your home country.

Yours sincerely,
Stefan Biedermann