Letter, The Federal President, 15.05.2002

The Federal President
15th May 2002, Berlin

Dear Mrs Forouhar,
Thank you very much for your letter from the 10th of April.

The Office of the Federal President has gotten in contact with the Foreign Office in reference to the actions of the Iranian prosecution authorities against your lawyer. We have been assured that the Foreign Office and the German Ambassador in Tehran are following the case of Dr. Naser Zarafshan very closely.

In my talks with Khatami, the Iranian State President, in July 2000, I made sure to emphasise the importance of respecting human rights within the Iranian government and the Iranian bodies of authority. I particularly addressed the actions of the prosecution authorities towards citizens who perhaps practice other beliefs to those of Islam or hold views that differ from those of the government.
I will make sure that I am kept informed of the progress of the proceedings against your lawyer.  

Yours sincerely,
Johannes Rau