Papillon Collection II

In Forouhar’s new Butterflies series, patterns are confined within butterflies, reflecting the opposition between oppression and freedom in context of the Iranian contemporary history.
Papillon collection (butterfly wings) demonstrates the paragon by which inhumane treatment, inhumanity, and murder are justified. A corollary of these ideas even indicts art as we are confronted with the polemic of how much pain and suffering the serene facades of these monuments actually conceal. A. Daneshwari

Part of the multi-media project Papillon, consisting of digital drawings, wallpaper, objects and animation
Series of 8 digital drawings , digital print on Photo Rag, all 100X100 cm, 2019-23



“7th Golesten street”

“Haft-Tappe union”

“The blue girl”

“Kurdestan borderlands”

“Women of the revolution street”

“flight PS752”

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