The Eyes

This mass of eyes creates a need for self-assertion, the sense of oneself not only as a subject perceiving an image, but also as the object that is being perceived, while in turn including the view of oneself in the interpretation of the work.
Out of this two-dimensional pattern of eyes – the ornament of seeing and being seen – figures emerge through sensitively calligraphed outlines: hands, feet and heads, in gestures and postures that suggest pain and suffering. All figures are covering their eyes with their hands. They mustn’t see anything, neither the horrors to which they are exposed, nor the viewers, who, having discovered them, interpret their own perception – of themselves as well as of the figures. Their robes are also covered with eyes, lost gazes into the indeterminate space that is the exhibition room’s White Cube. Werner Meyer

The Eyes, since 2018
Digital drawing, digital print on blue back paper / pvc

Felix Nussbaum und künstlerischer Widerstand heute, Museumsquatier, Osnabrück, 2023

Warum gibt es denn Kunst, wenn es doch Kriege gibt?, Ernst Bloch Zentrum, Ludwigshafen, 2023

Women, Life, Freedom, Moderne Galerie Saarbrücken, 2023-24

Deadlines, Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, 2019-20

Body. Gaze. Power. Kunsthalle Baden Baden, 2020

Im Zeichen des Ornaments, Kunsthalle Goeppingen, 2018Detail

Vor Aller Augen, Installation, Epiphanias Kirche, Frankfurt, 2018

Durch Blicke, Installation, digital print on pvc
BOLLWERK, Wilhelmsturm,
Dillenburg, 2019

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