The Time of Butterflies

The ancient Greeks considered the butterfly to be a symbol of the human soul, calling her Psyche and frequently pairing her off with Amor. “In Persian poetry the butterfly denotes a moment that is particularly beautiful, yet also fleeting, always carrying within it the idea of sacrifice when, magically drawn to the light, it flies to its doom,” as Forouhar explains. Her mother had been a butterfly from birth, for her name was Parvaneh, which means butterfly. Each butterfly the artist creats gives rise to a cosmic explosion of colors and forms, and at the same time conjures up the spirit of her mother. Nadja Henle

The Time of Butterflies, since 2011
Part of the multi-media project Papillon, consisting of digital drawings, wallpaper, objects and animation.
Digital drawing, digital print on blue back paper, paste

Deadlines, Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, 2019-20
Killing, Kunstpalais, Erlangen, 2012

roemer1roemer3The subtle tempo of pain, Roemer 9, Frankfurt, 20135mb_45mb_35th Moscow  Biennale, 2013villastuck1villastuck2The Common Grounds, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, 2015
Im Zeichen des Ornaments, Kunsthalle Goeppingen,  2018
Waste Lands, Casa Arabe, Cordoba, 2018


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