Thousand and One Days – Flipbooks

A specific tension arises when a stoning can be viewed in a flip-book. Decisive is the tactile closeness of the medium, which the recipient literally “holds in their hand”: by activating the sequence with their thumb, the viewer becomes involved in the act. Only because the viewer, so to say, has a hand in the game are the stones thrown. This counteracts the dichotomies between audience and actor and victim and perpetrator. The viewer is required to reflect on their position. The line dividing the viewer from the apparently distant incident begins to shift and becomes blurred. Alexandra Karentzos

Thousand and One Days, 2008
Series of 4 Flipbooks, 2008, all 6X4,5X0,5 cm
1001day_flipbook31001day_flipbook21001day_flipbook_weingarten2No Home-game, Kunst-Raum-Akademie, Weingarten, 20121001day_flipbook_roemerThe Subtle Tempo of Pain, Roemer 9, Frankfurt, 20131001day_flipbook_munchen1001day_flipbook_st-paulOrnament and Crime, Law Warshaw  Gallery of Macalester College, St. Paul, 2013

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